Nutrition science is broken according to this author. He uses recent research on eggs to demonstrate the problem with linking eating to disease. It’s apparently very difficult to draw firm conclusions from the research itself or the headlines and articles it generates.

And it’s not just eggs. Almost every food and food group has positive and negative research around it, much of it funded by those with a financial interest. Is coffee health promoting or dangerous? Is coconut oil a savior or the devil? Should we be drinking lemon water every day or will that only destroy our teeth? Even chewing gum has it’s controversies.

Readers of this blog know I like to present contrary evidence against popular food trends. But neither side’s evidence is the final word when research isn’t reliable. This is why in the end you can only trust your own inner wisdom as to what foods work best for your body and lifestyle

Nutrition Science Is Broken. This New Egg Study Shows Why | Undark