You can find more support for embracing intuitive eating in this article, especially for the idea that intuitive eating is based on a connection with your own inner wisdom rather than firm rules.

“The process of intuitive eating looks different for everyone. We all have unique bodies and lifestyles, so it makes sense that we shouldn’t all be eating the same way. That said, this ambiguity can make it tougher to grasp.”

The article discusses three overarching principles that can help you make the transition. These are: accept diet mentality and accept your body as is, ditch food guilt, and practice judgment free gentle nutrition.

And don’t worry if this is difficult for you. Dieting and diet rules are so pervasive in our society that they become internalized in our heads disconnecting us from knowing how we can best feed ourselves. But everyone has that inner wisdom and you will eventually find yours back.

What Is “Intuitive Eating” and Is It Really the Opposite of Dieting? | Kitchn