We’re eating more fish, and paying a premium for it. But fraud is rife in the fish market. Not only does this take your money, but it’s dangerous as many substitutions are higher in mercury and lower in Omega 3.

In New York, according to Attorney General Letitia James, if you are buying Lemon Sole, Red Snapper, or Wild Salmon it is likely that’s not what you’re taking home. Late last month the attorney general’s office issued a report  asserting that 43 percent of the time, when premium priced fish — like grouper, cod, halibut, striped bass, and white tuna — fetching between $19 and $29 per lb. is purchased, inferior varieties farmed in foreign countries with very little or no regulatory oversight, costing as little as $3 per lb., is substituted by the retailer.

While you wait for a secure supply chain, this author recommends developing a relationship with the local fish market, and buying fish whole, even if you ask the shop to filet it for you.

https://www.salon.com/2019/01/26/bogus-fish-is-everywhere-heres-how-you-avoid-the-worst-of-it/Bogus fish is everywhere; here’s how you avoid the worst of it | Salon.com