Has body positivity lost its way?  According to some a movement that began demanding social justice for larger bodies has devolved into a marketing slogan for businesses.

This comprehensive article traces the movement and voices the missteps. It’s an important discussion

The cultural narrative about women’s bodies was so bad that simply identifying the problem would get Dove full credit and move plenty of product, but the urge to talk about a broad cultural problem while refusing to name a bad actor left the blame squarely on the shoulders of the women who had the temerity not to love themselves sufficiently.

In one example a clothing company is showing larger models but doesn’t actually sell clothing to fit them. In other cases businesses showcase beautiful women who still exhibit the desired hourglass figure only a bit larger.

One roll of fat isn’t making a body positive statement, the author surmises. But more importantly the advertising changes offer no solutions, only shifting more blame to the women themselves to feel positive in a world that isn’t very positive about them.

I think on balance it’s positive to find diversity including size in ads. But I do worry that the deeper issues are being obscured. What’s your take?

Body Positivity is a Scam | Vox