Before she made it big in New York, I knew Hoda Kotb as a newscaster in New Orleans. She doesn’t hold back so when she ended a no carb challenge she let everyone see the result.

Hoda Kotb finished her 10-day no-carb, no-sugar challenge on Sunday, and she celebrated the accomplishment by enjoying plenty of junk food while watching the Super Bowl. ‘Oh, Roker,’ Hoda replies as she turns the camera to the chips and dips on the counter. ‘Here is the ultimate carb bust,’ Al says, showing his friend a glass dish filled with macaroni and cheese.  The journalist looks at the camera as she slowly puts the entire chip in her mouth, and her face lights up the second she tastes it.  ‘Oh my God, nothing is better than right now,’ she says, but she quickly becomes distracted by something else.

What’s the point of eating no carbs for 10 days then loading up for the next who knows how many days before the cravings subside? Kotb celebrates the end of her 10-day challenge with loads of carbs | Daily Mail Online