In grade school I was the last picked for the softball team and haven’t forgotten that humiliation. Being sent to a summer sport camp when I had zero experience with tennis, basketball, or golf didn’t help. Of course I’ve always seen myself as “not sporty.” If you share this experience, it can be tough to find activity that you enjoy.

This article points out why it’s time to get past our old stereotypes and make the effort to find enjoyable ways to be active as an adult. After all, research shows that healthy habits, including being physically active, make a big difference in health outcomes regardless of weight.

Physical exercise that boosts physical health and psychological wellbeing comes in many forms that aren’t sporty – dancing is exercise, as is gardening, carpentry and housework. If the goal is physical exercise for health, one doesn’t have to have a sporty identity. Think broadly about anything that involves getting yourself moving.

Just Not Sporty: How to Embrace Exercise If You Hated It As a Child | The Guardian