Coach and psychotherapist Megan Bruneau has penned a powerful letter to all women who are trying to lose those last few pounds.

I wish someone would have told me this during my dieting years. Now I know that those last X pounds (5, 10, 15 . . .) are an illusion – a way to hang onto the magical thinking that life will be all that you dream of when you finally achieve your goal weight.

You know why it’s so hard to lose “those last x pounds,” peeps? Because you’re probably not supposed to. Because your body wants to keep you where you are because that’s where it’s functioning optimally. That’s where your hormones are balanced, your sleep is sound, your energy is focused, your mood is stable, your sex is the best. Yet because of the effed up, destructive messaging out there, most women believe their body doesn’t look how it “should.” So they attempt to change it (and some temporarily do).

You see, when our weight drops below where our body wants it to be, a couple things happen: first, we almost inevitably trigger a binge. This is a physiological response to restriction (starvation), meaning you don’t have much control over it. So if you’re beating yourself up because the last time you tried to follow some low-calorie plan, you ended up powering through a loaf of bread, this is why. So when you “fail” at your diet (sorry, “lifestyle”), this is why. Open Letter To Wellness Media, Influencers, And The Woman Who Wants to Lose “Those Last X Pounds…| Read more at Athena Talks | Medium