It’s easy to accidentally fuel body shame and I still catch myself with unconscious bias. We’re all a work in process on this issue. Here is some insightful feedback for Brene Brown, and all of us, about what it feels like to be labeled “obese.”

I dare you to read Anna’s vulnerable letter and not gain a deeper appreciation of how it feels to exist in a world full of negative stereotypes about fat bodies.

Using the word obesity is a micro-aggression and every time I hear it, I feel a little paper cut on my heart—a little reminder of what the world thinks of my body and me. Every time I hear the word obesity, I know someone around me is sitting in shame because someone else has just pathologized their body and dehumanized them. Fat people are dehumanized daily by society.  Your talk was about how we dehumanize people. Do you not see the connection? People should not be dehumanized by the queen of shame resilience.

An Open Letter to Brene Brown | Be Nourished