If there’s one thing that most nutrition experts agree on, it’s that there are healthier things to drink than soda. The real stuff is packed with sugar – up to 12 teaspoons per can – as well as artificial chemicals. They wreck havoc on your teeth, and contribute nothing of value nutritionally.

The “diet” varieties on the other hand have their own concerns, as this article points out. New research indicates that sugar free sodas increase the risk of stroke and dementia, even when from drinking as few as 1 to 6 per week. While an occasional soda isn’t a problem, it appears that it’s time to find some other satisfying drinks, and the ideas in this article can give you some inspiration.

A bit of color and flavor sure can up the appeal of plain water. Although I’ve never been much of a soda drinker, I’ve found that creating some inspiring water based beverages also reduces the desire for alcoholic drinks or pure juice. A shot glass of juice into a glass of bubble water seems so festive! As does some mint or lemon. Having a SodaStream bubble water maker on the counter makes it even easier.

The good news is that forgoing sodas altogether could not only reduce your risk of health complications later on but could also cut down on your weekly spending — especially if you can make your favorite substitute at home.


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