One positive that’s come out of the current craziness is seeing how everyone in the entire world is searching for ways to help each other. Whether that’s using our personal resources or our professional skills, it’s heartwarming to watch.

Among my followers it’s unsurprising that emotional eating has gone into overdrive. So I’ve decided that what I can do best at this moment is to help you with that.

Emotional Eating at This Time Is Normal

First, know that emotional eating at this time is a normal and predictable reaction to the stress and anxiety of the corona crisis. Your brain is working as it was designed to help you cope in the best way it knows how. Right now that is by helping you ease your emotions with food.

There’s nothing wrong with you. And there’s nothing wrong with needing food to cope. We are all coping as best we can and if that means coping by eating, then you have my permission. There are many worse things, and if eating is helping when nothing else does that’s ok.

Paradoxically, you may find that when you relax and accept that your eating is more emotional than usual right now you may find that it naturally reduces.

If you want to take more pro-active steps to reduce your emotional eating here’s what you need to know:

Emotion and Eating Are Partners

Eating is an emotional activity and when it’s in balance there’s no problem. Even when it’s temporarily out-of-balance there’s no problem. However, like any partners these two sometimes get crossways with each other and the emotional eating can begin to feel overwhelming or out-of-control.

This is often the point where we seek to reassert control with rules and willpower – no more snacks, nothing “unhealthy,” time for a diet, etc. You’ve been down that road before and you already know it doesn’t work. It certainly won’t work now when your (and everyone’s) coping skills are being stretched to the maximum. 

The problem is that willpower isn’t what you need more of. A better solution is to develop new coping skills that work better than food. To understand that, let’s look at the emotion that is underneath emotional eating.

Neuroscience confirms that our minds are prediction machines using emotion as data for keeping us safe based on past experience. Our emotions are providing us guidance, but we have to be comfortable enough to allow the emotion and receive its message. What you need are simple skills to help you experience emotion in a safe way. When you can do this you won’t need to use food to comfort, distract, or numb, and eating urges will calm down naturally.

This Is About So Much More Than Eating.

Your emotions are leading you to the growth you need to cope with the rapid change we are all experiencing. When you develop skills for emotional experiencing you are at the same time developing skills for adapting to the crisis we’re in!

Once you start listening to what your body has to say through your emotions, you transform that energy into help rather than harm. Instead of feeling like your emotions are walking you on a leash, you can receive the emotional insight and put it to use in your life. In this way you can use the intelligence of your emotions for finding what you really need beyond food.

The problem is that when you’re in the throes of major change and anxiety your mind is in stress mode – reacting rather than open to change and growth. In stress mode you can’t access the awareness you need to access change. This is where a coach can help.

If you would like help with your emotional eating I’ve got two new offers (and one is free).

First solution:

 In a one hour session I can teach you a simple emotional technique that will help you calm eating urges and get back in charge.


1 x 60 minute session via Zoom video conference
Follow up by e-mail
Fee: $0 + promise to write a referral if I help you (Value over $150)

Limited places are available. Click here to schedule.

Second solution:

I’ve created a brief coaching package that is designed to help you master the skills to transform your emotional eating from harm to help.  Because I’m testing this model (and in light of the crisis we are in), I’m making it available far below normal coaching rates.


5 x 60 minute sessions (1 per week) via Zoom video conference
Follow up of 30 minutes via Zoom video conference
Includes easy weekly action steps
Fee: $197 total price for package + promise to write a referral if I help you (Value over $750).

Limited places are  available. Click here to get started and schedule your first session.

What we will cover:

Session 1 – What emotional eating really is and how it’s operating in your life, why willpower isn’t what you need more of
Session 2 – How to use emotional intelligence to turn emotional eating from harm to help
Session 3 – The importance of balancing stress with relaxation and easy ways ground and soothe without food
Session 4 – How to harness the science of hope when life and eating seem overwhelming.
Session 5 – Using compassion for self and others to sustain your efforts during difficult times

The benefit of 1:1 coaching:

The experience is customized to your needs.
We practice together
I can address questions, fears, and confusion privately
You use your own experiences rather than standard assignments
You can send me private messages throughout the coaching period if you get stuck or have questions

About me:

I’m a positive psychology practitioner with over 30 years of experience in behavioral change, certified by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and a candidate for a masters in applied positive psychology.

Click here to schedule the free 60 minute coaching session

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If you have any questions, hit reply and I will answer personally.

Together we can do this,

Lisa Newman
Eating Behavior Coach

P.S. Coaching sessions are available during U.S. mornings Tuesday – Thursday, Australia evenings, and European daytime hours.

P.S. Coaching services are not appropriate for treatment of an eating disorder or other mental health disorder.