The Recovery Warriors Show is a podcast by Jessica Flint about eating disorder recovery but some of their shows and blog posts cover non-eating disorder dysfunctional eating as well. The Dangers of Dieting and the Thin Ideal With Dr. Nicole Hawkins is one of her podcasts that is applicable to those with a history of dieting.

It’s an hour of great information about what we’re doing to the younger generation, what we’re doing to ourselves, how misguided fear about food and fat can affect us in sneaky ways, and some of the important practices for intuitive eating.

In the podcast Dr. Hawkins also discusses her own recovery from chronic dieting, the damage done by diet mentality, and how the thin ideal impacts us negatively. She discusses the negative impact of social media, and how social media is driving disordered eating and body image in men, as well as women,  and how to cope with continuous triggers.

Dr. Hawkins leads the Center for Change’s body image program.

The Dangers of Dieting and the Thin Ideal Podcast | Recovery Warriors