Author Catherine Deveny found herself sick and depressed after weight loss and learned that being thin didn’t make her healthy or happy. She’s now convinced that she never wants to be thin again. It’s an inspiration tale of healing, recognizing what is right for your body, and finding confidence at every size.

How much weight had I lost? I can’t tell you. I don’t weigh myself and don’t own scales. I love being fat.

Yes fat. I have no problem with the word. It’s a descriptor, not a judgement. ‘Overweight’ assumes there is an ideal weight and anything more is bad. If you have a problem with the word, you may want to have a think about that.

Loving your body exactly as it is is an act of civil disobedience. I don’t love my body despite its size but because if it. I did not love my body when I was thin. I felt weak and small. I am big and powerful.

(Stock image not of Ms. Deveny.)

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