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Women Eat welcomes articles from guest contributors that are in line with our topics and philosophy (i.e. stop dieting, intuitive eating, emotional eating, healthy at every size, body and self-trust).

You can send me links via the contact form of articles published on your own blog or elsewhere that you would like shared with my audience. If I do curate and share your article I will let you know.

I also accept for consideration well written original content (not published elsewhere) that supports our mission and demonstrates your unique ideas and expertise for consideration, and will get back with you within 10 working days to let you know if we can use your article.

Please review these applicable terms and guidelines before submitting articles:

  • Attach your full article via the contact form following this format: proposed headline, byline (your name), article, a short bio of less than 25 words including one link to your website.
  • There is no specific article length. We’re looking for some shorter material as well as some “deep dive” articles or series.
  • Do not use underlines, bold, or italics in your article.
  • We are not interested in articles from websites selling supplements, weight loss plans, specific weight loss methods, or whose primary interest is sales or linking.
  • We do not accept, review, or respond to proposals to write articles, or to proposals for linking schemes. Only send full articles for review.
  • We reserve the right to shorten, lightly edit, and to change the title.
  • By submitting, you agree that you accept our terms of service.
  • If you have a program or event launch that is in line with our mission, please let me know so that I can schedule publishing around your dates.

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