This is one woman’s story of facing up to the truth that diets don’t work and have left her only fatter. As she moves through grief and comes to new realizations of how she can live healthier in her body, Jen Keefe reconciles with her years of dieting.

Maybe it’s the morality of thinking someone who is thin or has lost a lot of weight is better than someone who is or has not. Maybe it’s a way to make you feel better about a different shortcoming you have. Whatever it is, it can no longer be called health. Diet culture makes people fat. If you believe fatter is unhealthier, and you say you care about health, you can no longer talk about weight loss. Yes, I said that twice.

Personal stories like this one can help us feel not so alone in our journey to stop dieting.

I Quit Dieting Forever Because You Can Be Healthy At Every Size | Scary Mommy Blog