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Our Contributers

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt is an anti-diet coach and body confidence expert

Contributor – Germany

Jenny Eden Berk

Jenny Eden Berk specializes in body confidence and is passionate about helping people attain a beautiful relations with food, body, and self.

Contributor – USA

Lisa Newman

Lisa Newman focuses her professional work on emotional eating and answering the question “If diets don’t work, what does?”

Publisher – USA-Netherlands

Macy Graham

Macy Graham is a Yoga Teacher, Mind Body Eating Coach, and Lifestyle Design Coach.

Contributor – USA

Marla Markman

Marla Markman is a publishing professional and award winning editor.

Editor – USA

Sheryln Smith

Sheryln Smith specializes in working with highly sensitive people like herself who want to find peace with food.

Contributor – USA

Susan J. Preston

Susan J. Preston designed the Women Eat website and is committed to working with people whose work is creating beautiful change in the world.

Website Design – USA

Marie Hudson

Marie Hudson specializes in freeing clients from unrealistic body standards.

Contributor – USA

Nancy Seibel

Nancy takes clients from burning out to fired up! Her innovative approaches help you (re)discover your purpose and claim your strengths.

Contributer – USA

Annette Sloan

Annette helps smart and sensitive women and teen girls to make peace with food and their bodies.

Contributer – USA

Lina Galatola

Lina is a nutritionist and Eating Psychology Coach who helps her clients to embrace food freedom and body wisdom

Contributor – Australia

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